A.K. Fielding

Trehan's Treasures Studio

Historical Art & Writings

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Academically trained in research and writing as an historian, I am also a self-taught figurative painter, illustrator, and mixed-media artist.  In recent years, I have forged together my love of writing about early American history and art to create works that I can share with others, and hopefully inspire them to study America's past.  Our philosophy at Trehan's Treasures Studio is to conserve & celebrate early American history through our products and services.

I have served as a featured speaker at various engagements to educate people on topics related to early American history.  I am now painting moments in American history, producing a new line of  stationery products, creating helpful content for fellow antrepreneurs, researching, and writing about the early Republic.  Trehan's Treasures is the name of my studio and represents all my art, illustrations, and writings. 


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