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About A. K. Fielding

Academically trained in research and writing as an historian, I am also a self-taught figurative painter, illustrator, and mixed-media artist.  In recent years, I have forged together my love of writing about early American history and art to produce works that are most meaningful to me and hopefully encourage others to study America's past. 

I have served as a featured speaker at various engagements on topics related to early American history.  I also educate the public, especially children, about our nation’s Founding Generation and the fundamental principles of liberty and freedom.  My art represents American history, classic literature, and events from the Bible.

I am now painting moments in American history, producing a new line of  stationery products and researching and writing about the early Republic.  Trehan's Treasures is the name of my studio and represents all my art, illustrations and writings. 

Mission Statement:  Trehan's Treasures Studio is dedicated to the preservation of American heritage by providing biblically based art, writings and educational products related to the study of early American history.

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