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A Little Book of Revolutionary Quotes:  Tyranny, Taxes, & Treason

Sugar Act. Currency Act. Quartering Act. Stamp Act. Declaratory Act. Townshend Acts. Tea Act. Intolerable Acts. Great Britain just wanted what was fair: Money to support their efforts in helping the American colonies.

The Founding Generation understood too that Great Britain wanted something: Control. Control over the colonies. Control over the colonists. Over time, the unheeded requests and petitions of the colonists to Great Britain over grievances produced a forceful backlash. No taxation without representation became the rallying cry for the colonists confronted by the British Tyrant. In the end, the day of reckoning came and propelled the ultimate division. If it was once considered treason to speak against the King of England, the separation made it treason to speak against America. Quotes from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and more.


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A Little Book of Revolutionary Quotes:  People, Power, & Politics

The Founding Generation recognized the need for a strong government to replace the weak Articles of the Confederation. But they were equally wary of despots as they were of mobs. To find a balance between People and Power in Politics was the task set before them. Their arguments, debates, and compromises brought forth a new set of laws for the land: the United States Constitution. Quotes from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and more.

Poor Richard's Almanack

The moral crisis is far from over but be of good cheer for Benjamin Franklin is here. Poor Richard’s Almanack published by Franklin under the pseudonym of Richard Saunders is an American treasure complete with proverbial lessons on frugality, morality, and industry. Through these uplifting proverbs, Franklin reveals his amazing wit and humor. Richly illustrated in this collection, these proverbs embody the spirit of America and provide a timeless inspiration for good behavior to children even today.

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A Little Book of Revolutionary Quotes:  God, Guns, & Government

The end of times or the beginning of a new world order?

The Founding Generation changed the course of history not only for the thirteen American colonies but for the rest of the world. Americans who lived through the dangerous and unstable period of the American Revolution and the Early Republic were far from perfect, but they were the perfect set of people to form a new nation founded on the principles of Liberty and Freedom. Their words offer us insight to their perilous times and wisdom to live through our own period of terror. Quotes from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and more.

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The American Frontier Coloring Book

In the eighteenth century, the American Frontier was all land west of the Appalachian Mountains. Early settlers arrived, many on foot, to cross the Cumberland Gap and move westward. These pioneers came to the area for various reasons but most were looking for a fresh start in life. This educational and fun book features 20 striking images of American frontier men and women of the eighteenth century. Carefully researched and illustrated by historian and artist A. K. Fielding, these drawings represent the land, clothing and weapons of early America. The book is meant to inspire creativity and encourage a study of early American history.

A Little Book of Revolutionary Quotes:  Freedom, Friendship, & Factions

From George Washington's sentiments on friendship, to Alexander Hamilton's thoughts on freedom, this book will provide speakers, students, and the general readers with a wonderful collection of memorable quotes from the Founding Generation.

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A.K. Fielding

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A Little Book of Revolutionary Quotes:  Virtue, Valor, & Vice

Power corrupted individuals with a base nature fast, leading them to embrace all kinds of vices. The only means to counteract vice was through virtuous people who were willing to fight with valor against the horrors of a corrupt government. The Founding Generation was always suspicious of too much power in the hands of the unvirtuous. Through their words, they communicated the importance of virtue over vice and continue to remind us that a nation run by people who lack virtue is a nation in name only. Quotes from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and more.