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Angelina Kaul

I am a wearer of many hats: an independent early American historian, self-taught artist, freelance writer, blogger, author, biographer, researcher, designer, sewist, small business owner, and entrepreneur. But I am simply a creative individual, trying my best to live a creative, mindful, and fulfilling life.

As a solopreneur, I know how challenging it can be at times to find a balance between running a business, working on the creative process, and trying to work on personal issues that we may be struggling with in our daily lives. Life can easily get hectic and stressful. 

I have several creative clients and friends who have shared with me the dilemma of running a business, raising families, taking care of their elderly parents, and how the stress at times is unbearable.

When we get stressed, it is virtually impossible to get anything done properly. Mental stress can create havoc and keep us from doing even the good things we want to do for ourselves such as eating well, sleeping well, and maintaining good health.

These are all things that I have struggled with also for a long time. But now, I have found ways to help myself through such challenges. And because these methods have helped me, I very much want to share it with others who might be struggling with maintaining good mental health.

Please note: I am not a medical doctor or a therapist. So, please don't take any of my offerings as such.

But I am an individual who is working very hard on improving myself daily by becoming more self-aware through the practice of mindfulness.

I have created a few courses, services, and products to help my fellow creators, leaders, and entrepreneurs who could use some guidance on how to apply mindfulness practice as a way to improve self-awareness and grow as an individual and human being.

I am the Founder of Trehan's Treasures Studio ( where I create and through which I share my art, handmade journals, courses, and related products. Samples of my works can be seen on my Pinterest boards (trehanstreasures) with over 3,200 followers.

My books are available through, IU Press, and in bookstores everywhere. My articles related to art, history, small business, self-publishing, writing, home decor, and crafting can be found on various print and online magazines including American History, Journal of the American Revolution, American Farmhouse Style, Cottages & Bungalows, Atomic Ranch, PieceWork, The Old Schoolhouse, Illinois Heritage, Hoosier Heritage, Red Rock magazine,, and more. You can view samples of my work and writing services at:

I have become a nationally recognized speaker from being featured on numerous podcasts and shows including NPR PBS WFYI Channel Indianapolis, Axelbank History Today Podcast, History Ago Go Podcast, Thought Row Podcast, The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society Book Club, and Greg Garrison Radio Show - WIBC Radio Indianapolis. I have also presented lectures on early American history as a featured speaker at various groups and organizations in the USA. My art has been published internationally and my handmade journals are owned by collectors around the globe.

I am currently open to commissions for art and writing projects. I am also available for coaching, speaking, and consulting sessions for mindfulness art & journaling. Please contact me to discuss your project. 

​I hope you will find something useful on my website that can help you in

your journey of self-development through self-awareness and the practice of mindfulness.

Until next time,

Keep Creating!

Creative & Motivational Storyteller